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SNR Denton - Colocation

As an international law firm, SNR Denton has a responsibility to protect its clients’ data. It also has to ensure rapid data access for lawyers working around the world. SNR Denton outsourced its data hosting to Telstra and gained the network resilience and security that is critical for its business.

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Cyber security

We will help you build trust among customers and partners with expert advice and strong security capabilities that allow you to protect, detect, and respond to threats to your organisation. Our teams of cyber security experts will work with you to build your security capabilities, and align these to your business objectives based on the latest technology, analytics, and our deep industry expertise.

Electronic security

Focus on your core business with the confidence that our integrated monitoring and security solutions will help keep your people, places and assets secure. Mitigate incidents quickly with 24/7 alarm monitoring and tailored response procedures. Easily monitor and respond to events with live and remote access to surveillance feeds, access control systems and analytics. Our network of advanced video assets and the latest analytics software enables you to optimise your customer experience, and drive operational improvements with valuable business insights based on actionable intelligence from large security data sets.

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