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Empowering financial markets to thrive in a connected world

Today’s global financial markets are rapidly evolving, necessitating the need for new approaches and new technologies including specialist financial services applications. Market players demand connectivity to extend their reach and drive new revenue opportunities. They need the right technology infrastructure to respond to regulatory and commercial pressures. Faced with reduced margins in many sectors of the industry, they also need to be more innovative and create competitive disruption. Choosing the right technology partner empowers these firms to focus on their core business and thrive.




The art of networking has taken on new meaning as technological progress has created hitherto unimaginable capabilities. Firms require technology that allows them to get from A to B with maximum speed and reliability, and with minimum cost and disruption. They also demand flexible and secure connectivity that can transform their legacy-dominated infrastructure to a modern, flexible high-speed trading system.

Move faster with the low latency and high speed global connectivity offered by Ethernet Private Line Express (EPLX). Connecting international finance capitals in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, the service is ideal for businesses that compete in today’s fast-moving capital markets. Backed by industry leading service level agreements, EPLX offers latency-sensitive firms a cost-efficient means of tapping into liquidity centres wherever they may be – now and in the future.

  • Safeguard your business with a low latency solution offering comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs),
    and low Round Trip Delay (RTD) 
  • Get the scalability you need to handle the rapidly changing bandwidth demands characteristic of high-frequency financial trading

Markets are in a constant state of flux, with differing products, network capabilities, liquidity profiles and regulatory environments continuously altering the networking landscape. As you grow and need to widen your network to take on new opportunities, PEN empowers you to expand your high-performance capabilities securely within hybrid cloud deployments. Cost-effective and reliable, PEN is also pioneering the way with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) globally to allow your business to self-provision dynamic network services.

It’s the ideal platform if you want a networking solution that will evolve with your business in the age of bandwidth hungry applications, fuelled by distributed computing, big data and mobility.

  • Optimise each point-to-point connection with different latency, bandwidth and performance to match various trading profiles
  • Set up networks within minutes without the need for protracted negotiations

In order to capture new opportunities and create competitive disruption, capital markets firms require end-to-end cloud and hosting solutions that scale to meet fast changing requirements. Banks face increased capital controls, requiring them to move as much infrastructure as possible from CAPEX to OPEX. Hedge funds must carry out high compute calculations to satisfy reporting requirements under regulations such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank. Brokers require cloud-based services to ensure the performance of new trading apps. Investment banks must ensure data sovereignty and house their assets in highly secure, dedicated and connected local infrastructure. Telstra empowers financial firms to tackle these challenges and more.

Telstra’s wide range of cloud services empowers you with the network and compute resources to collect and store big data. It also enables you to perform risk and regulatory reporting in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost than otherwise possible.

  • Build a flexible cloud solution that scales to meet the needs of your business. Choose from virtual or dedicated servers – or combine them to create a hybrid hosting environment
  • Be confident your data is secure with our robust cloud platform supported by industry-standard hardware and software-based firewalls and remote access security

Telstra’s PEN Platform empowers you to build on demand high-performance networks with the flexibility and scalability you need to bridge hybrid cloud deployments. Cost-effective and reliable, PEN is also pioneering the way with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) globally to allow your business to self-provision dynamic network services.

It’s the ideal platform if you want a networking solution that will evolve with your business in the age of bandwidth hungry applications. The addition of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) capabilities such as firewalls and routers can be added to the network, helping you to reduce your capital expenditure and avoid overprovisioning.

  • Extend your organisation’s private IT environment to any public cloud vendor such as Amazon Web Services
  • Dynamically allocate and scale bandwidth to support demand for your business applications and improve the user experience

Empower your business with our private cloud solutions

Telstra’s private cloud services empower you with the network and compute resources to collect and store big data. It also enables you to perform risk and regulatory reporting in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost than otherwise possible. 

  • Build a flexible cloud solution that scales to meet the needs of your business
  • Be confident your data is stored and compute power is accessed in line with data residency and sovereignty laws 
  • Deliver a controlled ‘cloud in a box’ environment where cloud services can be ‘rented’ to different departments

A secure, cost-effective solution for your data housing needs

Hosting data servers on-premise can be a headache with high running costs as well as security and maintenance to worry about. Telstra Colocation removes these pain points so you can focus on running your business. With Telstra Colocation, your data is hosted in our secure data centres which operate in 14 countries across Asia, Australia, US and Europe and comply with international data centre standards. 

  • Keep your applications close to your users in key global markets so they can enjoy a better experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies and lower infrastructure costs
  • Reduce total costs of ownership while keeping your mission critical infrastructure secure and connected at all times

Voice trading represents a sizeable opportunity for the industry and as technology advances, firms are looking to reduce costs and integrate voice activity with other operations. Financial firms that trade via voice are also under increased commercial and regulatory pressure to unify voice activities with other communication channels. The challenge is to enable efficient collaboration both internally – across the front, middle and back office – and externally with clients, counter parties and regulators, wherever they may be.

Voice communications for the modern trading room

Telstra Trader Voice will change the way you think about the use of voice inside and outside the trading room. It provides a fresh approach to voice trading; focusing on software rather than hardware; and on services rather than capital deployment. It empowers traders with effective voice trading communications from a single desk to a fully distributed global trading room, with the option to add or remove a ‘desk’ at any time or even provide trading cover for a desk in a different geography. Telstra Trader Voice also makes it easier to plan and modify a voice solution for the trading room so you have more time to focus on your core business.

Powered by enepath, Telstra Trader Voice is comprised of highly featured turrets and integrated voice recording with the flexibility and agility that that comes with an IP platform. With maximum uptime, mobility and the processing of large volumes of calls without delay, it supports trader productivity and business continuity regardless of location.

  • Empower traders with the same functionality wherever they’re at, including all audit and collaboration
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with a full audit trail of voice trading transactions. Log every voice conversation to data that can be exported and integrated with other systems

Telstra Cloud Collaboration empowers your business to perform as one by matching people with the tools they need to collaborate more easily and work more productively. With access to the latest collaboration applications from any device and any location, your workforce can connect in real-time and innovate faster. Workforce mobility and outcomes are improved, helping your business to thrive.

Services are delivered from the cloud under a simple per-user-per-month service model. You can easily scale your services as your business grows and not worry about the costs and complexity of managing a premises-based solution.

  • Choose from a full suite of collaboration tools such as integrated voice, video and presence to suit your
    workforce and customer needs
  • Match collaboration tools to employee working patterns by choosing features and functionalities from six different worker types
  • Empower mobile workers and enhance collaboration across time zones and functional boundaries

In order to focus on their core competencies around trading and investment, many trading firms and hedge funds want to streamline their trading infrastructure by outsourcing as much as possible.

With a reliable low latency trading network and expert managed services, Telstra’s Global Financial Trading Solutions facilitate electronic trading across the globe. Execute trades faster, mitigate risk and quickly address compliance concerns while driving revenue and sustainable business growth. Backed by fast response times and high scalability, our solutions enable you to build a complete trading environment tailored for your needs. Meanwhile, our global approach to service management and reporting gives you a simple and efficient way to manage all your trading technology.

  • Access the high performance servers, storage and network capability needed for data capture, sharing, processing and archiving. This allows for real-time risk management and helps you comply with the stringent regulatory requirements
  • Reduce IT complexity with our end-to-end service so you can focus on your trading strategies and increasing revenue
  • Lower your total costs of ownership and free up capital for other areas of your business


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